Prudential Lines Names Captain George Evans

prudential lines names
captain george evans

Capt. George H. Evans has been appointed general manageroperations of the Mediterranean/ Mid-East Division of Prudential Lines.

Captain Evans has had an extensive career in shipping, first as a commander of ships (the British vessels Nailsea Meadow, Empire Flame, and Empire Gale), and as a land-based manager. Most recently, Captain Evans was chairman and managing director of Refrigerated Express Lines Ltd., with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Previously, he had been vice president of R.J.I. Corporation, senior vice president of States Marine Lines and president of Safmarine (N.Y.).

Captain Evans is a member and former vice president of the New York Shipping Association, and is a founding member of the Council of North Atlantic Shipping Associations and its first president.

P r u d e n t i a l ' s Mediterranean/ Mid-East Division has pioneered the use of the LASH (lighter aboard ship) system. Each LASH vessel carries up to 77 lighters (barges) suitable for all cargo types including bulk, breakbulk, liquid bulk, palletized, unitized, refrigerated, and heavy equipment for construction projects.

Prudential serves the Mediterranean from U.S. East Coast ports.

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